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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur
The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2021 - Sixth Form College of the Year

Impact of your support

What is the impact of donor support?

The transformational difference LAE Tottenham has made to the lives of our students has been made possible, in part, by the support of our donors.

Your support has made a real and tangible impact on our school. Thank you.


Thanks to donor support, our library is well-stocked with both academic books, extension texts and books to encourage the culture of reading for pleasure.

Counselling and mental health

Although increasingly seen as vital resources, mental health and counselling provision is not covered in the support we receive from the Departments for Education.

In 2017, donor support allowed us to establish mental health and counselling provision at our school.

In 2019, continued support of this area allowed us to fund additional days of externally sourced counselling as well as additional resources to develop an institutional culture towards building good mental health and resilience.


We receive no Government funding for our co-curricular provision. We want our students to leave us with more than just good academic grades, and we believe that a strong and wide-ranging co-curricular provision is the perfect complement to our robust academic curriculum. 

Thanks to start-up funding from donors, we are now able to offer this: our students are able to broaden their horizons by joining our wide variety of societies, including debating, drama, music, a wide range of sports, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the LAE Tottenham Diploma and the 'Routes to Work' careers programme.


Hundreds donors collectively gave over £80,000 in response to an urgent appeal at the start of the pandemic. As well as supporting local food banks and building a long-term hardship support funds, these donations meant 183 of our most deserving students received monetary support, for essentials like food and household bills, throughout the Summer term, and the summer holidays. The difference this made to their lives cannot be overstated.

60% of our students come from the lowest two social groups, being described as living in “struggling estates” or “difficult circumstances” using the ACORN tool for socio-economic analysis. No students had to abort their education during this period thanks, in part, to donor support.

University access

Thanks to donor support, students visited the Universities of Warwick and Manchester, visiting institutions outside of London, elevating their ambitions for the types of universities they attend. As a direct result of this, many students who had previously not been considering Universities outside of London applied for courses at Russell Group universities. 

Donor support has made a real and tangible impact. Many of the top Universities require applicants to attend an interview, the cost of which is beyond the reach of many of our students. Donations enabled us to establish a hardship fund to ensure that no student should miss out in a place at their University of choice because they cannot afford to attend the interview.

In 2019, students achieved places at the country’s top universities, including Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Bristol, Durham, Leeds and Manchester 

Before 2019, LAE Tottenham had no tradition of sending students to US universities. The applications process is complicated, and LAE Tottenham students are not starting from a level playing field. In 2019, donor support allowed LAE Tottenham to work with UES, an organisation which provides high quality, personal support to students entering Higher Education in North America. After receiving support from UES, eight of these students went on to apply to a North American Universities; at the time of writing, one student has had an interview at Harvard, another at Princeton. 20 students in our current Year 13 have shown an interest in applying to North American universities.

Cliveden Literary Festival

Each year, a group of students have the fantastic experience of attending Cliveden Literary Festival, where they are able to attend the sessions, enjoy the festival and all it has to offer, and embrace academic and literary culture, often for the first time.

“The panels and the variety of talks were wonderfully diverse, discussing relevant topics and issues that even a 16 year old student could confidently relate to and be entertained by. The festival gave me a broader appreciation of literature and authors which I hadn’t previously been exposed to.” A Year 13 student

"When LAE Tottenham students attended Cliveden in 2018 and 2019, meeting them made plain to me the potential they have. The current crisis has impacted us all, and I strongly believe that these bright students shouldn't have their ambitions halted because of their background or family circumstances."
Natalie Livingstone, Chairman of the Cliveden Literary Festival

Academic coaches 

An annual donation of £25,000 has allowed us to appoint an Academic Coach for the next three years, working with our students to expose our students to the academic lives experienced by their middle class peers and enable them to secure offers from top universities. 

In 2020, 13 of our students received offers to study at Oxbridge, a further 19 to study Medicine or Veterinary Science.

Over the next few years, we will be seeking donor support to continue to enhance and support all areas of school life, and to look to further support our local community and establish more robust partnerships with our local feeder schools, ensuring more local children can benefit from an LAE Tottenham education.

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Recognising our supporters: Friends of Tottenham

To recognise those who pledge ongoing support to our community, we are launching the Friends of Tottenham. Regular gifts - of any size -  help us plan for the future.

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