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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur
The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2021 - Sixth Form College of the Year

LAET Hardship Support

Supporting our students, supporting our community

The Northumberland Park ward of Tottenham, where the school is situated, is amongst the 2% most deprived wards in the country. Over half of our students were eligible for free school meals at secondary school. 

In spring 2020 we received donations to the LAET Coronavirus Support Fund totalling in excess of £80,000 which enabled us to support 183 students through the pandemic with basic necessities such as food. The difference this made to students and their families cannot be overstated.

The need for this support has not gone away and we want to be able to continue to support our students in this way through an ongoing hardship fund. 

LAE Tottenham Hardship & Opportunities Fund

We know that members of our community are likely to be disproportionately impacted by the cost of living crisis and the lasting impact of the pandemic. 

We have established this fund to ensure these students – and their families and communities – are supported.

We have identified that over half our students would benefit from additional support for their basic necessities, such as for food, educational resources and opportunities. Your donation will make a real and immediate difference to our students.

We know that those locked in poverty are more likely to be in poor health, disabled, and to be caring for others; more likely to have insecure jobs and to face particular challenges staying afloat in the face of rising costs and income loss.

We are facing an unprecedented challenge, and we do not know what needs our students will present with. We want to make sure we are able to support them, for as long as our support is needed.

Academic support

For students currently at LAET, and for prospective students, additional academic support is essential, to make up for the devastating impact of missed schooling during the Covid pandemic. Put simply, more will be required from schools to help students reach their potential and we want to ensure we are able to provide this.

To employ an additional academic coach, to support our most aspirational and disadvantaged students, we need to secure an additional £30,000 of funding annually. This would provide 25 students with individual academic mentoring. This is vital for those students who are not exposed to the type of academic discussion more prevalent in the homes of their middle-class peers. 

Pastoral support

As well as offering counselling sessions to students who need it, we want to offer increased pastoral support to all students, to help them navigate the impact of this trauma

We want to be able to offer resilience-building life coaching skills, to help students to cope with their circumstances. This is especially important as many of our students do not have this support at home.

"This crisis has exacerbated pre-existing mental health conditions already disproportionately affect disadvantaged young people, especially those from BME backgrounds. It is a cruel twist of fate that these disadvantaged, BME students - over half of our school population - are from the communities hardest hit by coronavirus. Although our support provision is excellent, we just don't have the reach to help the additional needs now presenting to us from increasing numbers of students." Jan Balon, Headteacher

To donate securely now to help some of those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic please complete the form below and securely make payment through PayPal or to have a confidential conversation about supporting this campaign financially, or if you have a suggestion of how to help in another way, please contact

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LAE Tottenham will receive your name, address and email address along with the value of your donation in order to process Gift Aid claims and to ensure compliance with its Donations Policy. We treat all donations as confidential and would never share your details with anyone outside of the Fundraising Team without your explicit consent.

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