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The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2021 - Sixth Form College of the Year

Jack Petchey Winners 2024

Meet the LAET Jack Petchey Winners of 2024!

Every year, the Jack Petchey Foundation celebrates outstanding students and staff who go the extra mile to make a difference within the school and community. Each winner has now won significant funds they can invest back in the community however they choose. In previous years winners have spent their grants on dance hoodies, girls' football kits and equipment for specialised science experiments and bake sales for charitable clean water initiatives.

Meet this year's winners of the Achievement Award: Saya, Daniella, Rafiul, Adam, Andrei, and Layla. And let's not forget our exceptional Leader Award recipient, Mr. Matthew Inniss. Their dedication and hard work truly set them apart.

Below are the nominations for each of the winners:

Achievement Award Winners

Saya Nozawa Crosdale

"Saya has gone above and beyond engaging in various partnerships and volunteering initiatives."

"She constantly shows up where help is needed, actively working to improve the life of others, using her unique talent and positive attitude."

Daniella Koranteng

"Daniella has shown immense commitment to the school's community by helping people realise their musical talent. She is always proactive when looking for ways to improve the morale of the school. She helped with the Year 11 Stretch and Inspire programme & the IT Exchange, teaching older adults to learn IT skills. Daniella is always easygoing and a nice person to speak to."

Rafiul Fahim

"A true ambassador, Rafiul is always the first to help with any school event, showing up with a positive approach and ready to work. He has managed to balance rigorous academic efforts with the aspiration to help his local community, with a fundraising project they are currently working on. Rafiul is very well-mannered and sensitive to his surroundings, making sure people feel seen and appreciated."

Adam Saci

"Adam has proven to be a great leader and shows all the qualities that a Jack Petchey winner would have. He Initiated a whole school sports tournament and organised it meticulously - from recruiting players and setting up teams to communicating with staff members in organising the event. Overall, Adam has shown great commitment to the core value of community, making a real impact on the school's atmosphere."

Andrei Petrache

"Andrei is a well-liked student, who always contributes in lessons, helps others and is always supportive of his peers."

"He is a great student who strives to do his best in all subjects and is a joy to have around."

LayLa Miah

"Layla is a resilient and dedicated student. Layla inspires others with her work ethic and achievements. Despite challenges, she has persevered and set a positive example for her peers. She inspires others by just being the best that she can be; the effect on those around her is profound."

Leader Award

Mr Inniss

"Mr Inniss has consistently supported students above and beyond expectations and is always joyful when doing so."

"He has taken out extra time daily, including lunchtimes, to assist students and mark extra essays. Additionally, he has assisted all students, going through queues of 1:1s with students about future decisions. "

"Every lesson I have had with Mr Inniss has been enriching, and I have been able to see his passion for the subject and enthusiasm in wanting all students to do well, not only providing encouragement, but personalised feedback and useful, actionable steps on how to do so."

"I’m honestly impressed that one individual could undertake this much responsibility flawlessly (this doesn’t even cover everything he does)."

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