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Highgate Tottenham Hotspur
The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2021 - Sixth Form College of the Year

Keynote speaker Emma Woolf launches LAE Tottenham's first PSHE day

On Wednesday 10th January, students engaged in a full day of PSHE activities which involved a number of external speakers delivering a series of sessions on topics relating to the theme of ‘Mental and Physical Health’. The topics included ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Substance Abuse’ and ‘Cancer Awareness’.

Keynote speaker Emma Woolf, writer, critic, journalist and broadcaster, began the day by sharing her experience of eating disorders, body image and the stigma surrounding mental illness. Her talk entitled 'Transform Your Self-Esteem and Boost Your Body Confidence' enabled the students in the audience to understand that there is more to who we are as individuals than constantly worrying about our body image.

Emma then suggested 6 strategies for ending self-doubt and making a success of our lives which are:

  1. Find your flow – that feeling of being in the moment
  2. Trust your gut - at times we do better to listen to our body than our mind
  3. Plough your own path – stop comparing yourself to others
  4. Feel the fear – confidence is all about fear
  5. Stop saying sorry – value yourself from the inside and you will be able to accept praise
  6. Learn to take criticism – any achievement in life requires learning from our mistakes

Students then took part in workshops delivered by the Tottenham Foundation, BUBIC, and Macmillan Cancer Support, before ending the day by trying some practical strategies to boost mental health, such as yoga and mindfulness.

The day proved to be a great success and a well-timed post-mock exam reminder of the importance of mental and physical well health as part of a genuinely well rounded education.