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LAET's Alumni Community

Our Mission Statement 

Our Purpose is: 

Aid the decision-making process:

Integrate alumni voices at the Governor and Senior Leadership Team level

Provide opportunities:

Leveraging resources to support alumni in effectively navigating the transition to university and then to employment

Encourage the development of confident, independent individuals

Boosting alumni's self-belief in their capabilities and talents


Meet the Board  

Andre Edigbonya-Davies, Luqman Liquat, Rebecca Dan, Sophie Eziuloh, Devam SavjaniCarissa AlexanderCristallia AlexanderAdesola AdeagaJulian Cuartas

Alumni support team 
  • Krysten Chantrelle - Alumni Support Lead Officer 
  • Jessica Austen - Director of External Relations 


The LAET Alumni Offering 

LAET has partnered with Highgate School to create a unique programme of event and experiences to help jump start their professional development. This includes access to a series of career - specific talks from a range of industries, exclusive internships and mentoring for Alumni, CV & Cover Letter support for applications and we have a huge annual networking event that you can attend/be involved in. 



Opportunities creation is a fundamental aspect of the LAET experience, and it's a philosophy we intend to develop in our Alumni programme. We want our Alumni to be able to get a head start in their careers, and we think networking is an excellent way to do so. 


The navigation part of the LAET Alumni Offering is primarily based on providing tangible professional experiences, to help develop the career options for Alumni. This includes creating exclusive internships, CV and Cover Letter applications and shadowing opportunities. 


The learning element of the offering is based on putting Alumni in a position to boost their chances of landing their dream job by providing more skills development opportunities like mentoring and carrier-specific tasks.

Giving back to LAET

This is a volunteering initiative designed to create opportunities for Alumni to share their success stories and support current students, and we aim to do this through a combination of in-person and online events dependent on Alumni availability. 


There are THREE Alumni volunteering opportunities: 

1. Academic Representatives: This is available in TWO forms

  • Academic tutoring - Support students to grasp content and to contribute to their academic development.
  •  Academic mentoring - Support students to find a school-life balance by helping them to develop time management and organisational skills.

2. Career Representatives: This is for alumni who have professions and would like to share their journey into their careers. 

3. University Representatives: This is for alumni who would like to support the transition of current students into university by helping to coordinate university tours and course decisions. 


More information can be found on the LAET Alumni website.