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Community Projects

LAE Tottenham is committed to highlighting the importance of social responsibility to its students and staff. In keeping with this, all of our students volunteer in the local community in dedicated curriculum time during Year 12.

Students enjoy flexibility in the areas in which they would like to become involved, but ideas may include work in local primary or secondary schools, environmental projects or working with vulnerable members of the local community. A case study of a community project as well as the full range of opportunities for 2018-19 can be found below.

Protheroe House Drama Performance 

Students had been volunteering on a weekly basis at Protheroe House for the last 7 - 8 months which allowed them to get to know those who are residents there. Protheroe House is a care home for the elderly which is located in Tottenham.

On Tuesday 12th June LAE Tottenham Drama students performed a short play at Protheroe House. The title of the play was 'back in the day'. An audience member commented: ‘This play allowed me to reminisce about my days. You bring us great joy, you should organise another performance'.

Well done to Brandon, Philip, Isaiah, Stanley and Hussain who took part in the performance.